Faeza, an Iraqi in her Rich Kitchen

Faeza is in her Tucson kitchen, surrounded by the smells and sounds of Iraqi cooking. This is not just everyday lunch or dinner hurriedly placed on the table. The deep freeze is full of kubbah (patties made from various meats, grains or potatoes), sour orange concentrate and vegetables, the frig is crammed with homemade yogurt, […]

Shiro Eritrean Style: Minet Abay’s Dish from Home

Shiro, a common dish in Eritrea and Ethiopia, has many regional and familial variants. In Minet Abay’s household, it was usually made from spiced, ground garbanzo beans, smothered onions and tomatoes beaten or whipped to a froth resembling red meringue. It is a light, gingery and garlicky puree, eaten with ndjera, the sour flat bread […]

Cooking Lenga Lenga (Amaranth) with Marie

Marie Bampamulolwa, Democratic Republic of Congo “I learned to cook from my mother, my grandmother, my aunties. My auntie especially. She taught me everything I needed to know to be a woman. My first meal for a group, I cooked when I was 8 years old. I remember, rice, fried fish and amaranth”. Marie came […]

A Mixer and A Couple of Pans: Natasha’s Pastries and Pelmeni

Natasha’s I-phone is a traveling display of beautiful cakes and pastries, “BiteSizeLuxuries”, as she has branded them. A Tucson-based consultant to Lindt Chocolates, caterer of Russian foods and aficionado of French made bake-ware, Natasha is a self-taught master pastry chef. “A couple of years ago, when I was not at all sure what I wanted […]

Josefina Lizarraga: Home Gardens

In addition to creating realistic and colorful flowers from paper, Josefina cultivates a virtual Eden of known and obscure plants that she grows for cooking and medicinal uses. Her large West-side lot is filled with pomegranate trees, gourd and squash vines, edible prickly pears plants, chiles, orange trees, hibiscus, amaranth, tamarind, and countless other species […]