Victor Valera: Playing with Death

Victor Valera’s life-sized skeletons or “Catrinas” invite us to laugh with death. Made of papier mâché, wood, and used clothing and accessories, Valera’s sculptures can sit, stand, and even dance with the right partner. “They are always happy,” Valera says. “You see that my catrinas are smiling. No one is scary. I’m trying to make […]

Charles Antone: Weaving with Wire to Uphold a Tradition

Charles Antone has thick, calloused fingers that look like they could hold on hard to a lasso and wrangle a calf. Instead, they weave and loop thin wire into delicate baskets. A member of the Tohono O’odham Nation, Antone, 45, has been weaving wire baskets for 25 years. To his knowledge, he is one of […]

Silverwork Buckles by Luis Antonio Babuca

Luis Antonio Babuca is a Tucson silversmith who crafts extraordinary belt buckles, bits and spurs from silver and other metals. Each of his pieces is fine jewelry-quality despite their functional purpose.  

Desert Wycinanki: Paper Demo

Artist’s statement: I remember my first papercut, in Polish called wycinanka, made of a newspaper when I was a child. My mother’s friend taught me how to fold and cut the paper and then to unfold it to reveal the beautiful repeated pattern. I’ll never forget how surprised I was then, and surprised I still […]